Wireless House Alarm Myths

The best home alarm system is something every family with an ounce of caution would like to own. But not everybody knows every last detail about alarm systems, particularly wireless ones. After all, until recent years, most homeowners preferred to use hard-wired burglar alarm systems. Understandably, there are many myths that discourage people to switch to wireless alarm systems. Here are some of those untruths, many of which you may be wondering about, so that your perspective on these systems will be set on the right track.Get the facts at wireless house alarm website

Myth 1. A service contract is compulsory.
This has been circulated by wireless burglar alarm companies so that you will avail of their services. But you can actually just buy a wireless burglar alarm, do your own installation, and set the program so that it can handle calls on its own. The services of an alarm company, however, is also very useful. It allows them to track and monitor intruders in your home even while you are away. The people at the alarm company become aware when your alarm goes off and they immediately send the police to your home to deal with the intruder.

Myth 2. You cannot set up a wireless alarm system unless you are an engineer.
You do not need a degree in mechanical, industrial, or electrical engineering just to set up a wireless alarm system. It is not as complicated as a hard-wired system and you can even utilize a trial-and-error method to make sure it is set up the way you want it. Each system comes with a manual, and as long as you follow it to the letter, you’ll have your system up and running in no time. Just list down the things you need for installation before you begin so that you won’t have any problems later.

Myth 3. Only very wealthy people can afford wireless alarm systems.
Naturally, wireless systems started out expensive when they were still a new invention. But their value has been depreciating through the years. Now, they are very affordable, considering that they are an investment in the safety of your family. You may be pleasantly surprised to see that the price of the best home alarm system is well within your budget range.

Myth 4. Having pets will disrupt the reliability of an alarm system.
No, you do not have to get rid of your pets if you want your alarm system to function optimally. Many new wireless alarm systems have motion detector technologies that allow them to tell whether the intruder is the size of an animal or a person. You don’t have to worry about caging or chaining your house pets if you can find a wireless home alarm system with this technology.

Myth 5. Wireless alarm systems are unreliable.
You may not want to shift to a wireless alarm system because the hard-wired systems have stood the test of time. Who’s to say if a wireless system can operate with the same reliability? Then again, all gadgets and devices have been undergoing constant improvement and the wireless system is proof of this. It is more convenient to set up that its hard-wired predecessor, not to mention just as serviceable. As long as you keep in mind that these are myths, you will be able to weigh the pros and cons of each type when choosing the best home alarm system for your residence.

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