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It’s hard to visit a marketing related website without some company offering to submit your site to the search engines. Of course what many people don’t realize is that you’re not going to get into the SE’s using these ‘site submission tools’ the only way to get into the search engine is for them to index your site after finding a link for your blog or website from a site that is in Google’s or any other search engines results already.Learn more about at seo company ¬†website

The bottom line is you should never pay for or use an automated search engine submission service. You’re wasting your money, and if your SEO submission company indulges in any shady practices, you risk your site being marked and exiled by Google for spamming!

The truth is, once your site makes it into the handful of top SE’s – which happens quickly, if you know how to use keywords, optimize your blog or static site properly and get backlinks – the smaller SE’s find out about it anyway.

Paying good money is not worth the “benefit” you might reap from an SEO submission company submitting your sites to smaller SE’s – proportionately, these smaller search engines stacked against the big guns like Google, MSN and Yahoo are roughly about the size of a flea on a large-sized dog.

One of the easiest ways to get indexed by Google in just a few minutes is to submit an article on your site or blog to Once you do this you will see your site appear in Google’s search results in no time at all.

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